Dear Clients,


for your convenience Transcom System company has launched a hotline number where you can obtain technical assistance and information about the latest offers of Transcom System. Thank's to the hotline every client can count on solid technical service and professional advice. Thank's to high qualified technical staff, none of company's clients shouldn't have problems with removal od the defect in his resort.

Hotline number - 703 800 677

Cost per minute – 7,69 PLN gross

Transcom System Sp. z o. o. from the beginning considers it's very important to have systems and other facilities serviced properly. Befor every winter season firm offers to it's clients check - ups. Thank's to check - ups every owner of a ski resort has a confidence about the dependability of the system during the winter season. Transcom System pay a huge attention to good relations and cooperation with the clients.


Every client finds out it's important to have specially equipped cars for service, just like these of Transcom System. They makes it possible for service team to get to the place of the damage in a very short time.