Electronic Customer Service System










The basic function of the system is handling the sale and control of access to the ski lifts. The skier uses ski lifts which has been implemented by our electronic customer service system Randor, ski pass card purchases and uses without any cash. Ski pass is a proximity card, which contacts with reader using radio waves. All encrypted information about parameters of the card is recorded right on it. Every time the reader on the turnestile verify information stored on the card and the turnstile unlocks after correct verification.

The individual components are designed to be strenght in difficult weather conditions prevailing on the ski lifts such as low temperature or humidity. The system consists of cash position, readers, turnstile or gates which are made of stainless steel. The system can be used with a paper tickets or a thin plastic tickets with a barcode. Also system can be used with reusable tickets – in the form of electronic card readers. If you want to use one-time tickets for your object then the system must be equiped with a printer for bar codes.

Our company system is made in technology which successive provides in stages of system's implementation on other objects (such as tobogganing or equipment rental ) and provides combining several objects into one uniform ski system which can be used by one ski pass.

Such solutions are also used for winter and ice rinks.

Our system provides:

  • customer service with single individuals tickets, abonements and group of clients

  • presale option

  • flexibility in constructing prices and discounts to attract more customers

  • settlment of payments in advance or in arrears, non-cash payments for companies etc.

  • control the number of people

  • handling the goods sale (shops, bars)

  • full record of the movement of goods and people

  • register and fiscalisation each transaction in the system



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Electronic Rental System


An important part of winter sports facilities are winter equipment rentals. With the idea of this our company has created an electronic rental service system.

Our system provides:

  • caltulation and control of returning time and and equipment loans

  • calculation and collection of fees

  • control of the current state of the warehouse

  • ability to set time of use, price, discount, collect payment from the customer

  • option spliting into groups the equipmentor users and assigning those groups preferences

  • option assigning to each customer individual price

  • option generating any amount of price lists and test them before using the rental

  • system of client accounts with the count charging fees option

  • recording sales of services and rental purchase

  • option of required your equipment on a certain day and hour

  • advanced statistics and repoting model allows for careful analysis of job hire

  • cooperation with bar code readers

  • simple operation using keyboard shortcuts

  • calculation and control of returning time and equipment loans

  • control of the current state of the warehouse

  • option spliting into groups the equipmentars



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Cammon Card System

Cammon Card System is a solution, which enables it's users to make transactions in the whole area of ski resort or region with only one electronic carrier(RFID card or ticket with a bar code). Technology of Cammon Card, proposed by Transcom System can work in ski resorts, water parks, means of transport and other turists and sport atractions, wchich can be gatherd by this system.

Easy structure of the system enables a quick insertion of a sale or control point (new ski resotrs, water parks etc.) to the system. It can be done with a personal computer with internet or mobile device - for example - Google HTC. Worth to mention is a fact that on contrary to concurent's solutions, our system enables to inplement not only ski resorts but also turist offices, hotels and other external sale pionts.

The another advantage of this system is reduction of the queues to ticket-offices, becauce clients can directly use the control turnstile, instead of waiting in a queue.

Cammon Card System also ensures the owners of resort that clients will return thanks to the loyalty program. Such program can be easily implemented to the Cammon Card System.

Our system provides:

  • cammon settlement of resorts gatherd in a system

  • reduced time of customer service

  • increased satisfaction of customers

  • ability to service individual and group customers, both with carnets and single

  • ability of advance sale

  • freedom of constructioning of price list and discounts

  • control of numer of customers in a resort

  • ability to sell other goods(shop, bar)

  • full evidency of trade and people rotation in the resort

  • abillity to atract bigger numer of customers