Electronic Parking Service System


Improving the drivers support for small and large pay-parking lots we propose a solution based on an electronic access control system. Offered system calculates and collects parking fees, manages the entrance and departures of vehicles from the parking area.

Self-service ticket vending machine is placed at the entrance to the parking barrier. After downloading the ticket barrier is raised up to allow entry. The system calculates parking time and fee to the holder of a particular ticket which can be checked by the reader. Leaving parking ticket must be paid . The system also let us know how many free spaces has left at the parking. It is necessary to mount CCTV cameras at the modern parking for monitoring the entry and exit area.

Advantages and possibilities of the Electronic Parking Service System:

  • full control over the use of parking

  • handling one-usable and re-usable tickets

  • access to comprehensive reports and statistics

  • adjust pricing to optimize profits

  • quick and convenience customer service

  • increase security in the parking lot


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