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People of all ages love to play that's why the amusement parks are frequened place for having fun as for the children as for the old people. Unfortunately such trip not always give us a real pleasure, especially when instead of using a variety of attractions we are forced to stand in a long line for the ticket. Electronic access control system greatly facilitates this process so in that way the visitors and employees save their time. At the entrance to the park visitor buys a certain amount of encoded points with the chip contained in a special bracelet. After that you just attach your wrist with reader and system subtracts points from your personal account. In case of exhaustion of the limit points you can buy them in self-service machines in the amusement park. Other bracelets are designed according to each age group, which would prevent children getting into the area intented only for adults (if there could be any dangerous).

Our system performs:

  • customer service with single individuals tickets, abonements and group of clients

  • presale option

  • flexibility in constructing prices and discounts to attract more customers

  • settlment of payments in advance or in arrears, non-cash payments for companies etc.

  • control the number of people

  • handling the goods sale (shops, bars)

  • full record of the movement of goods and people

  • register and fiscalisation each transaction in the system


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