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Electronic Customer Service Randor is designed for selling services and products offered by swimming pools such as time of staying or swimwear or caps. Our system operates by basing on proximity transponders such as a wristwatch. Settlement of payment is cash or non-cash – depends from the customer accounts.

Software Randor with it's flexible architecture in addition to the classic card and ticket sales also enables to provide cash handling catering jobs, hotel reception, hire, parking settlement etc. Structure of our system includes software handling and controling the position of selling goods with a warehouse (for example "wet bar" by support of a touch-screen). System allows comprehensive reporting, resource reservation etc. and isolate any number of operating zones (server room, boiler room etc.) and protect them from unauthorized access. Qualified staff opens the door with a card.

System records all movements of clients and staff at the facility.

Also we supply swimming pool lockers equipped with electronic opening system.

Our system performs:

  • customer service with single individuals tickets, abonements and group of clients

  • support any number of cabinets with electronic locks and congestion charge areas

  • presale option

  • recording time spent in each pay zone

  • control slides traffic

  • booking any of the zones (swimming pool, sauna etc.)

  • flexibility in constructing prices and discounts to attract more customers

  • settlment of payments in advance or in arrears, non-cash payments for companies etc.

  • blocking access option

  • control the number of people

  • handling the sale of the goods (shops, bars) together with the warehouse

  • full record of the movement of goods and people

  • register and fiscalisation each transaction in the system


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