Transponder it is a wireless communication device that automatically receives, amplifies and responds incoming signal in real time. Transponders are a necessary element of customer service systems, especially in swimming pools. Hand straps are used to identify the client for access control devices, opening lockers etc.


Transponders Type


Material: ABS/PVC

Work temperature: -10° do 50°C

Core transponder: 35 mm

pasek2Chip: MIFARE / Unique / Hitag
Frequency: 125kHz
Colours: blue, black



pas2Strap pool 02TCS
Material: Silicon + ABS
Operating Temperature: -20 ° do 60 ° C
Chip: MIFARE / Unique / Hitag
Frequency: 125kHz / 13,56 MHZ
..................... ...........Colours:
yellow, blue, green.