Author's software RANDOR, which is an electronic client's service system, was designed for various types of sport and entertainment objects or public service buildings as well as for non-cash settlment of an object with help of proximity card, a ticket with a bar code or transponder. The software enables comprehensive reporting and creating pricing policy to increase the number of visitors.












Cammon Card System is a platform wich enables to use one RFID card only in all turist attractions in the resort, turist area or even region.

Cammon Card technology, proposed by Transcom System, can range ski resorts, water parks, means of transport and other sport and turist attractions. Software enables quick implementation of new sale or control points to the system( for example new ski lifts or swimming pools) with a personal computer connected to the internet only. Mobile device - for example Google HTC is also able to implement new object to the system. It's also very easy to provide loyalty programs into the resorc which age gathered into Cammon Card System. Thank's to the program, client will return into the same place and objects.

What is more, thank's to such an integration, client can go directly to the turnstile, without standing in a long queue in front of the cash desk. RFID card or barcode ticket can be used as a carrier of a data.


Tasks realised by the system:

  • Cammon clearing of the resorts in the system
  • Faster client's service and as a consequences - increasing satisfaction of the clients
  • Individual, single and carnet tickets
  • Opportunity of  the advance sale
  • Freedom in establishing price lists and giving discounts in the aim of attracion biger numer of clients
  • Opportunity of payment in advance, afterwards and non-cash transactions
  • Control over the number of clients in the building
  • Sale points(shop, bar)
  • Full register of people and googs movement
  • Registration of every transation in the system




Software improves business and service winter equipment rental. Thanks to the system the owner receives information about the state of the warehouse or the ability to control the time of rental.



Tasks realised by the system:

  • Control over the equipment and the time of borrowing
  • Control over payments in the system
  • Opportunity of current control over magazin's state( equipment on loan, client's accounts in the rental)
  • Freedom in establishing of the time of renting, discounts, price lists and pre-payments
  • Opportunity of division of the equipment, clients and users for groups and putting down to the groups preferrences and conditions
  • Opportunity of putting down of the individual price list to every client
  • Freedom in establishing price lists and giving discounts and trying them before using
  • Client's account system with the opportunity of payment from the account
  • Developed shop function with the opportunity of carring the storehouse, useing barcodes
  • Registration of the service and good sale
  • Opportunity of booking of the equipment for specific day and hour
  • Co-operation with barcode readers
  • Easy exploatation of the system with keyboard instrumants


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Solutions for sport equipment rental