About Us



Transcom System company provides services in management consulting and creates specialized information systems for access control based on smart cards, tickets with barcodes, transponders etc.


Transcom System company works in this industry since 1988. Our products are primarily directed to the companies who related to entertainment industry with large public access (cable cars, ski lifts, amusement parks, swimming pools, skating rinks, gymnasiums, stadiums, golf courses, fitness clubs) as well as public facilities (hospitals, museums, exhibitions, fairs, shopping centers, office centers).

More than 20 years of our experience in the ICT sector allows our company to develop global solutions for increasing the efficiency of enterprises and other organizations by using the latest technology and telecommunications.

The implementation of a summary large number of projects allowed us to collect vast knowledge and develop a broad base team of specialists with unique skills. Thanks to our specialists we may offer our clients the implemantation of individual models and projects which are adapted to specific activities.

We work closely in partnership with our clients, offer art design concepts, construction equipment, innovate solutions and data security system. With the constant care of the highest quality and comprehensiveness of services our company uses the most advanced technology, modern components and systems, at the same time provides long-term guarantees and fast efficient service.